Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Quick and Easy Drawstring Bag

My little girl has been asking for a new bag for her P.E. kit at school so it gave me a good excuse for a trip to the amazing Leons fabrics in Chorlton for some fabric and as it is a cold and rainy Tuesday afternoon, and I have a sleeping boy upstairs I decided to give it a go.

I didn't look for any patterns or advice - I had an idea in my head and it all worked out quite well. I had bought enough fabric to be able to fold it over to make the bottom seam so only needed to cut out two identical pieces, wide enough for the finished width plus two lots of seam allowances each side; and long enough to fold in half and still be the finished length, plus two seam allowances at the top.

I started by sewing a seam along the short ends of both pieces of fabrics to keep them neat (they have another fold later on to make the tube for the cord).

Then with right sides together I stitched down the long sides of the two pieces, leaving about 1 1/2 inches gap at each of the ends. Once sewn together I could turn then the right way out to leave a long tube.

At this point I ironed the seams to make them lie flat on the right side.

Next I folded the whole thing in half and sewed up the two long sides again to make the bag, again leaving the gap at the top. I turned it the right way out again and the basic bag shape was finished.

The next stage was to add the cord. I had bought 2 meters of piping cord. I lay this over the open ends and folded them over the cord, pining them down to keep in place then I stitched along the seam to hold it together, making sure there was enough room for the cord to move easily inside its tube.

And that was the basic bag finished - really quick and easy.

I decided to go another step and cut some letters out of felt which I then free machine embroidered on to the front of the bag to add her name (I was quite glad we gave her a short name!!)

All finished - the whole thing made, finished and blogged about, and there is still time for a cup of tea before the school run...