Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pinterest Fantastic Five: Kids crafts for Mother's Day

Another set of Pinterest finds. As Mothers Day is fast approaching here is my top 5 list of things kids can make for Mum to show how much they care…

First up: an edible bouquet - what a lovely breakfast in bed this would be. Taken from, use cookie cutters to cut shapes from fruit like melon and pineapple.

What family home doesn't have some lego around - why not make some lego flowers, like this example from

Source: via Patti on Pinterest

How about a card? Then show her how much you love her with this tutorial taken from

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

No need to spend a fortune on expensive jewellery, there are lots of ideas around for making something your mum will love with just a few beads, how about this necklace from

Beads not your thing? Why not impress her with a fingerprint pendant made from oven baked clay - this brilliant tutorial at shows you how

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Every mum should have a hobby.... what I have learnt from my crafting experiences

I have always loved crafting and anything creative, but having children can lead you to put so many things on hold, and for me I always saw a distinction between what I needed to do and what I wanted to do.
Anyone who has ever tried to manage work / children/ dog / housework / life generally… will know that there are not enough hours in a day – and that from a mum whose son likes a 5am start to the morning!
The first thing you do is to drop the ‘what I want to do’ stuff and hope that leaves you with about enough ‘what I need to do’ time.

I recently moved from making and crafting on an ad hoc basis to developing into a business online, and I now see life in a very different way.

I used to see hours of must do chores in front of me by the time the children were in bed. There are, I find, two responses to this
a) spend evening fiendishly cleaning/cooking/being a goddess which leaves a tidy house and well fed family but isn’t particularly restful; or
 b) realise it will all be messy again by lunchtime tomorrow so spend the evening watching TV and eating biscuits instead.

Since I moved into taking my crafting seriously enough to develop a business I spend a lot of my (child) free time either creating new ideas and restocking, or connecting through various social media tools to others in the same ‘business’ to learn from and engage with them. As a result the chores have taken a bit of a nosedive, and funnily enough no one but me even notices!

Before I began on this journey I used to get to the evening feeling tired and ready to veg and watch TV. For a long time I thought about setting up a business online selling what I make but assumed I wouldn’t have the time or energy for it, so I didn’t take the plunge – I really wish I had.

Having something in the day that is about me and for me makes me feel so much more invigorated about all areas of life. Somehow staying up until midnight to stuff lavender hearts means I wake up less tired that I used to after an evening on the sofa.  There is a great satisfaction in creating something completely new and it doesn’t even connect to selling – it is about having an outlet that reminds you who you are.

Every mum should have a hobby – after all if you can make a real person who knows what else you can achieve!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pinterest Fantastic Five: Handmade Bag Tutorials

This is the first in a series of blogs about things Ive found on Pinterest (which gives me a reason to spend more time on there just looking!

To start with, here are some great pins for making fabric bags:

Sweater Bag (original tutorial at - so simple there are no words!

A lovely fabric weekend bag - would make such a good gift for a frequent traveller. This tutorial comes from Pattern Pile

From Belly Buttons Blog is the pattern for this cute little lunch bag - even a cheese sandwich would seem more exciting if you had one of these

Positively Splendid's blog has the tuorial for a handmade drawstring gift bag - why not make one for mother's day and give two gifts in one go...

Everyone can find a use for a fabric tote bag, and this tutorial from craft buds looks really clear and easy to follow

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Bumble Bee Bliss have this tutorial for a gathered bag - have a look at their site to see this in lots of differenct colour options.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Creative Stitches / Hobbycraft Fair

I spent a very enjoyable, and very busy day at the Creative Stitches / Hobbycraft fair at the weekend at Event City in Manchester. Who knew that so many people could flock to one room in the name of crafting, but the event was packed. Yes, unsurprisingly it was a mainly female population but such a wide range of ages and interests all in one room.

There were so many crafts represented - jewellery, knitting, papercrafts and loads more. I managed to stock up on some great supplies at places like Fancy Yarn,  BeadSpider and Abakhan and found plenty of new stuff I can't wait to start working with.

There were plenty of community crafting events - Heartsease and Craft Club were getting everyone involved in knitting, and the Embroiderer's Guild had lots of additions to their amazing piece of embroidery.

There was also lots to see - Alison Murrau's amazing knitted aquarium which was raising money for RNLI, and a selection of costumes from Jane Austen films, which meant I finally got within a few feet of Mr Darcy (well THAT outfit anyway).

I went to Kim Thittichai's talk on her work with mixed media which and how she uses things like bondaweb to make brilliant textures.  

I loved watching the lace making too.

Overall I good trip, although i did need a bit of a breather and a large mug of tea to recover afterwards!