Sunday, 10 February 2013

Creative Stitches / Hobbycraft Fair

I spent a very enjoyable, and very busy day at the Creative Stitches / Hobbycraft fair at the weekend at Event City in Manchester. Who knew that so many people could flock to one room in the name of crafting, but the event was packed. Yes, unsurprisingly it was a mainly female population but such a wide range of ages and interests all in one room.

There were so many crafts represented - jewellery, knitting, papercrafts and loads more. I managed to stock up on some great supplies at places like Fancy Yarn,  BeadSpider and Abakhan and found plenty of new stuff I can't wait to start working with.

There were plenty of community crafting events - Heartsease and Craft Club were getting everyone involved in knitting, and the Embroiderer's Guild had lots of additions to their amazing piece of embroidery.

There was also lots to see - Alison Murrau's amazing knitted aquarium which was raising money for RNLI, and a selection of costumes from Jane Austen films, which meant I finally got within a few feet of Mr Darcy (well THAT outfit anyway).

I went to Kim Thittichai's talk on her work with mixed media which and how she uses things like bondaweb to make brilliant textures.  

I loved watching the lace making too.

Overall I good trip, although i did need a bit of a breather and a large mug of tea to recover afterwards!