Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pinterest Fantastic Five: Handmade Bag Tutorials

This is the first in a series of blogs about things Ive found on Pinterest (which gives me a reason to spend more time on there just looking!

To start with, here are some great pins for making fabric bags:

Sweater Bag (original tutorial at http://www.popularpix.com/pic-685.html) - so simple there are no words!

A lovely fabric weekend bag - would make such a good gift for a frequent traveller. This tutorial comes from Pattern Pile

From Belly Buttons Blog is the pattern for this cute little lunch bag - even a cheese sandwich would seem more exciting if you had one of these

Positively Splendid's blog has the tuorial for a handmade drawstring gift bag - why not make one for mother's day and give two gifts in one go...

Everyone can find a use for a fabric tote bag, and this tutorial from craft buds looks really clear and easy to follow

Source: craftbuds.com via Susan on Pinterest

Bumble Bee Bliss have this tutorial for a gathered bag - have a look at their site to see this in lots of differenct colour options.

You can find me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/pepperpotcrafts/.

If you have any Pinterest Fantastic Five topics to suggest drop me a line or add a comment and I will (very) happily go looking...