Friday, 22 March 2013

#CRAFTfest Spring 2013, reflections on a busy week

This week was my first experience of the online CRAFTfest event, which brings makers and designers from around the world together online to sell and promote a massive range of fabulous handmade goods.

As I am only a few weeks into my online venture my aim was to meet new people, learn new ways of communicating and promoting my work online, and hopefully build my presence online.

As CRAFTfest is moving towards its close, I can happily say I have fully achieved!

I have tweeted, pinned, blogged; had an introduction to backlinking (not totally successfully!) and signed up to new systems like StumbleUpon and RebelMouse. I have connections to so many new people through various networks - many are fellow craftfesters who have been so busy promoting the event and making new links with one another, but some of my connections are with other people finding me from all of the activity.

One of the things I have enjoyed the most is getting to see everyone's work. My previous post celebrated all the treasuries craftfesters have set up on Etsy, but tools like Pinterest have been fabulous for bringing together images which showcase just how much talent CRAFTfest brings together.

People have been busy pinning all week, but here is a snapshot- taken from my pinterest board

CRAFTfest runs until 23rd March, so there is still time to browse through the stalls at (PepperPot is in the Gifts section).

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