Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Recommended Read: CraftblogUK

The amazing thing about connecting online with other crafty people is how many fantastic resources you come across. The difficulty is trying to remember them all, so here is the start of a new series of posts about some of the blogs that I love, to help me keep track and to let others know about them too.

Im starting with the amazing Craft Blog UK managed by Hillary Pullen. (http://www.ukcraftblog.com/)

Craft Blog UK!
If you are starting up a craft business and are new to social media this is the first place to visit, the site is full of advice on how to develop your online presence through blogging, twitter, facebook etc. Some of the posts include: 10 ideas for blog posts, bloggers guide to pinterest, twitter basics, making the most of your facebook profile and bookmarking as well as posts on ideas of groups and useful links.

If you have ever wondered how to add a feature to your blog or make the most of a profile and then searched online for the answers you will know how technical (and confusing) these can get. The posts on Craft Blog are really well written and easy to follow. There will be advice on how to do things you had never even thought about!

CraftBlog also houses a fantastic Blog directory of all things craft and design, so there are loads of great blogs to find and connect with. You can add your listing to the directory too.

There are images on the site to inspire you, which come from the work of others who have joined in on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/groups/craftbloguk/pool/.

To keep up to date with everything from Craft blog UK, including twitter events and discussions, follow on twitter at http://twitter.com/haptree for loads of updates.