Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pinterest Fantastic Five: Crochet Tutorials

Its been a while since in did a top five from my Pinterest wanderings.  One of the many things on my to do list is to learn how to crochet (again) - I have really fond memories of my Nana teaching me when I was young, and as I now use finger knitting in some of my work I think I need to get the skills back.

As learning to crochet seems to be really popular at the moment I thought I would find my 'fantastic five' of tutorials on Pinterest at the moment:

This simple 'magic ring' tutorial from Heidi Bears blog looks like a great place to start with very clearly marked images throughout and a nice crocheted circle to embelish other work.

I love this flower from A Blade of Grass  as it is different to standard crochet patterns and the pictures in the tutorial look very clear.

You don't need to have a baby around to love baby shoes, so here is a tutorial from Annoo's Crochet World (@anoocrochet) for making really cute baby booties - starting to get a bit trickier, but still has lots of pictures to follow as well as written instructions.

I know from my finger knitting obsession that connecting ends together in continuous pieces can be difficult, so this invisable join tutorial from Crochet Nirvana (@crochetnirvana) would be really useful

If you are feeling brave and ready for something that looks a bit more advanced then you have to try a Yoda from Happy Together (@jessfediw) - if this doesnt inspire me to become a crochet expert then I dont know what will!!

It's hard to pick just five examples - Pinterest has an almost endless supply of crochet inspiration and help so go on and get started and if you do make something then post a comment so we can all see your hard work!