Monday, 8 July 2013

Pinterest Fantastic Five: Washi tape projects

Yes, I know Im very late to this particular party but I have only just realised that sticking tape on things is actually rather enjoyable.

I bought my first batch of Washi tape a couple of weeks ago to customise some ring boxes, and discovered it is a lot more fun than sticking sellotape on stuff.

In honour of this I decided to find some new excuses for buying even more washi tape...

This idea from Shannon Clarke (@madiganmade) on the website is really simple but very pretty - one way to keep my daughter supplied with new hairbands, especially if you add some extras like felt flowers...

I love these bird houses from @Toriejayne on - these would look really lovely in a hallway to hold all your keys

Carrie (MakingLemonade1) from has a tutorial for making letters as a kids craft idea and has some good ideas for how to use the finished letter

Run out of surfaces in your house to cover? Why not start on your finger nails like this example on

There are lots of variations on the theme of washi tape flags / bunting, I like the cake toppers, like this one from (@DressMyCupcake) on which would look lovely on a birthday cake.

Well there are some suggestions to start with - Im off to buy some more tape...

Monday, 1 July 2013

Open for business...

The Summer 2013 Craftfest event is now underway and there is plenty to see. You can visit the Craftfest event online at The event runs until Sunday 6th July and features around 100 stalls offering a huge range of handmade goods and craft supplies.

Here is my stall, which is listed in the Gifts section.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

To keep up with all the latest news from sellers, many of whom are offering special offers including free postage or discounts for the event, you can read the blog at, visit the facebook page at

Alternatively, why not follow along on twitter using #craftfest

To celebrate craftfest I am offering 10% off all orders over £5 for the week of craftfest in my Etsy store using code craftfest10 - so come and have a look!!